An investment company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Focusing on traditional & alternative investments.

Tech & Innovation

We create, plan, develop, implement, and evaluate the high tech innovative ideas which can bring smart synergy in government and private sector affairs of the business.

We help government and large size private organizations to create and think innovative by providing unique and smart solutions.

Our specialized solutions for government departments to digitalize and automate the processes of business affairs causing full control of corruption, slowness, red-tapism, making everything fair and transparent by bringing cost efficiency and effectiveness, on the other hands prouding best practices software for private business in the field of aerospace, logistics, manufacturing, services, engineering, medical, biotech and automation, and artificial intelligence for all.


Live Stock Farm House Supplies

is the leading supplier of Chicken, Cow, Sheep and Turkey breeding technologies to the Global livestock farming industry. We offer a wide range of high quality products and services full of healthy livestock options.

Dairy Farms

Together with a shared passion of dairy farming and caring for the land. Our forefathers built our legacy. We are proud to carry on that legacy by producing high quality, nutritious milk.


Medical & Surgical Instruments Manufacturer and Exporter

is a fastest growing stainless steel medical instruments manufacturer which has a global reputation for medical instruments of outstanding quality, precision & cost-effectiveness. We deliver innovative solutions to healthcare problems using the latest technology.


is a well-established and leading provider of turnkey fit out solutions, architectural finishes & Engineering products solutions. Our dedicated teams from production, assembly, design, and installation to cater for any projects.

Real Estate

offers comprehensive real estate development service & contributes in investment in housing & commercial and manages third party projects & properties. Expertise in real estate advisory for clients covering from legal to business aspects.


We have extensive expertise in local, regional and international healthcare environments, we provide best practice healthcare solutions tailored to meet your organisational requirements. We bring cost efficiency, excellence and reputation to your organization.